Crazy Times in my Second Life

All we wanted to do was find a volunteer position. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, PeachesBanana and I thought so when we went to infoisland to find out about volunteering. However, instead of volunteers, we teleported in on a dance party. Everyone encouraged us to bust a move as we inquired about volunteering. We both gave in to the peer pressure and danced like mad. I must say my avatars moves are awesome! I imagine they would be quite painful in real life, however.

Anyway, this dance group seemed to be a club that met regularly. It seemed as though all they did was dance, dance, dance, which was fun for a bit, but I wouldn’t want to do it for longer than a couple of minutes, but to each his own, right? This led me to wonder what other types of clubs SL has. I imagine there are countless other crazy groups. I will have to explore those further. For now, I, along with two of my classmates are organizing a club of our own – a book club! YAY! I’m excited to see how this will work and how many people will join.

After that exciting dance party, I met Teachergirl Razor, who sent me to an expensive dress shop full of surprises. There are FREE dresses! Naturally, it took me a year to actually figure out how to wear it (thank you Teachergirl!), but eventually I managed.

Sascha’s dress shop had other surprises besides free gowns. There is an innocent looking crocodile wandering around as well.

Slightly out of place, right? Well I was curious so…

I wandered over, and he asked to be feed. Being the wonderfully kind-hearted avatar that I am, I obliged. Here are the results of that act of kindness

Yes. I am being eaten by a crocodile. The wild crocs of Africa are harmless (see earlier post), but this pet was not. Despite my thrashing about, the croc swallowed me. I did not die, however, once again proving that avatars are invincible. After a moment, I was able to stand up and move away, completely unharmed.

I don’t know what the lesson here was. Things are never quite as they appear? Don’t try and shoplift or you will be eaten by a hungry crocodile? Don’t feed wild animals? I don’t know, but it was interesting at least!

Okay, so that is all for this pointless post. Next time I will delve into the exciting world of Second Life bookclubs! Woot!


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