Final Book Club Meetings

We have completed our series of discussions on Other Worlds books. Our last two meetings were on Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia. Both meetings were fun, with lots of amusing comments and tangents. We discussed characters, movie comparisons, and each of us chose which Middle Earth creature we would like to be (Sauron or an Elf for me).

In our final meeting, despite a poor turnout, we had a interesting discussion on all of the books and which were our favourites (Harry Potter and Alice were the most popular with Narnia being surprisingly unpopular among everyone).

Even though not everyone had read every book, (I don’t think anyone had read all of the Narnia books), everyone always commented and engaged in the discussion. I wonder if this is because of the format of the club. It was obviously very informal and fun, and no one actually had to speak in front of a group, it was all online and sort of anonomyous. I for one normally hate speaking in groups, but had absolutely no problem contributing to any of our discussions (except the one in which I was unable to get online for, obviously).

In preparation for our last meeting, I decided to check out what worlds or simulations were available on Second Life for each book series. Here is a list of the ones I checked out:

1) Harry Potter

Diagon Alley – lots of shopping, Gringotts bank. It was cool but deserted when I went. Still, check it out if you want to buy a wand or a witch’s hat.

Hogwarts -Your story: this is a pretty cool sim, you actually have to find the secret wall to enter Diagon Alley where there is shopping (of course).

2) Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass

Black Pearl Beach – described in an earlier post. Beware of Zombies.

3) Lord of the Rings

Elven clothes, Lord of the Rings – for all you Elven clothing and leather thong needs.

Need Elven or antique furniture? Here is the place for you!

Middle Earth Realms – pretty cool, with creepy house and underground tunnels that I got seriously lost in. It is a huge island with little houses, a forest, shopping and tons of other stuff to explore.



















4) Chronicles of Narnia

There weren’t many places that I could find, just this one which isn’t all that exciting.

Aslan’s How – a creepy house with an equally creepy picture of Aslan the lion


There are tons of SIMS in SL for your favourite book. Some are really detailed and awesome and ALL involve shopping. You can go down the rabbit hole, search for hobbits in Middle Earth, ride a teacup, be chased by Zombies, see a scary portrait of Aslan, whatever you little Avatar – heart desires!


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