Underwater Pirate Dance Machine

Everyone loves pirates, right? I do. So I decided to visit Pirates Keep in SL. I walked around a bit and naturally fell off the dock into the water as me and my avatar are still attempting to understand each other.  Happily, I discovered that my folly led to a wonderful invention: The Underwater Pirate Dance Machine. Yes that is correct, Underwater Pirate Dance Machine. Naturally intrigued, I had to test it out. So here I am underwater doing a jig to what sounds like very-unpirate music. It is Scottish sounding, who knew pirates liked bagpipes?


Unfortunately, I am unsure how to turn off the music and stop dancing. I attempted to change my action, so I flew (btw flying ability is back!). Unfortunately, despite the fact that my avatar was flying, she continued to dance. Here is a picture of Jaely (my avatar) dancing whilst flying above Pirates Keep.


Hopefully, I can figure out how to stop dancing soon. It is quickly becoming annoying and the dancing continues everywhere I teleport! Although my amazing moves have inspired other random avatars to break out their dance moves as well, so I suppose that’s good…

Just another random learning experience in Second Life. Fact of the day:those buccaneers love to groove to the music. Underwater.



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