Stampede! Oh wait…

I recently learned that it is extremely difficult to die in Second Life. I decided to test this theory and headed to Africa where I encountered two rhinos. I wondered if they would stampede, or ram me or something, so I walked right up to them…and right through them. Apparently, they did not notice as they remained motionless. Disheartened by this lack of response, I moved on and discovered an alligator-(or crocodile, I don’t know) filled lake. I walked into the the middle of the lack and waited. Surely a curious alligator (croc?) would come to bite me. After several uneventful minutes I realized that my avatar has super powers. In addition to flying (which my avatar is currently unable to do due to her recent fall off the Great Wall of China), Second Life citizens can breathe underwater, be invisible to dangerous animals and are seemingly invincible! Evidently, it is much better to exist in Second Life than in first. This discovery led me to wonder if crime is possible in Second Life, and more specifically, murder.  Through my “research” on YouTube, I discovered that violence is possible. Avatars had guns, and could fight with each other. I even saw a couple of videos of avatars being blown up. This led me to wonder what implications in-world crimes may have on real people. I came across an interesting article on rape in virtual worlds. Apparently, a story was circulating about Brussels police  investigating a rape in Second Life.  Here’s a couple of links to articles and blogs dealing with this topic:


Reader Roundtable

These topics lead to many questions about virtual worlds. How are they policed? Is virtual crime a real crime? Should Second Life criminals be punished in real life? Do virtual worlds have a lot of bullying like on Facebook?

Crime in Second Life is an interesting topic of discussion and I will definitely need to further research and explore this topic during this course.



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