Harry Potter Book Discussion

Today was our first book club! In preparation, I decided to dress up. I headed over to Diagon Alley, pictured below and bought a Gryffindor costume, scarf and all. Unfortunately, it was so expensive that I had to go without robes, wand or hat and I’m not sure that I can afford to dress up as the Queen of Hearts for next week’s Alice discussion.


At 16:00 SL time, my group and I were waiting nervously at Way with Words in Second Life. No one showed up and we were beginning to worry that our project would be a massive failure.

PeachesBanana, Clavoie3 and I waiting for people to show up for book club (check out my awesome themed outfit)

After a few moments of panic, people began to show up. We had a decent turnout for our first time.  Here we all are gathered around the unlit campfire discussing Harry Potter and Second Life.


We had a lion, a witch, a robot and five “normal” avatars join us. We discussed the similarities between Second Life and the Wizarding world. Such as, the unique abilities both avatars and wizards have, Harry’s experience of being introduced to the Wizarding world or our experiences in Second Life and the difficulties we all had adapting. Surprisingly, there were quite a few similarities. An especially interesting point that was mentioned was the similarity between Dementors in Harry Potter and Griefers in Second Life. Dementors suck the joy out of a person, and Griefers suck the fun out of Second Life. Both are cruel bullies who drain a person’s joy.

There were a lot of interesting topics discussed, and even though some participants had not read all of the books, everyone still participated and seemed to have a good time. Admittedly, we did get sidetracked a bit and ended up discussing Second Life experiences and cool locations, but overall the discussion went well. It was fun to make new friends and discuss a made-up world while being in another made-up world.

I wish I could say that I have participated in book clubs in real life so that I could compare the two experiences, but sadly, this was my very first book club. I imagine that it would be easier to communicate with everyone in person, we were all typing over one another and it was occasionally difficult to follow the conversation. However, in a virtual setting, I think that people are more likely to speak up because they feel less intimidated than they would in a room full of people.

Overall, it was an interesting experience. Hopefully, next week will be even better when we discuss Alice in Wonderland.


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