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Alice in…Zombieland?

Last week, my group hosted an Alice in Wonderland book discussion. In preparation, I decided to explore Second Life and see if anyone had made a version of Wonderland. It turns out there are several. The best one that I came across is located here:

There are carnival rides, weird Wonderland-ish decorations such as giant teacups and mushrooms, shopping (I bought some awesome Cheshire cat leg warmers, pictured below.

Alice in Wonderland - Dark Ride

Here is Wonderland on SL (and me in my Harry Potter/Cheshire cat costume- so stylish)

This Wonderland was awesome. I highly recommend that you check it out. I spent far too long exploring and was delighted by all of the little surprises that this place holds. The giant chessboard, the cool ride through a haunted mansion

oh yeah, and the Zombie army hidden in the haunted, extremely spooky forest. Who knew there were zombies in Wonderland? There I was, innocently exploring the gloomy forest when BAM out of nowhere several zombies began to chase me. I was quickly surrounded by creepy doll-like creatures covered in blood splotches. The creepy things chased me out towards a haunted house, which I of course explored. Pictured above is the ride through the house that I took.

When I tried to leave the forest, the zombies returned and chased me out of the forest. For awhile I was worried that they would keep following me, but eventually they seemed to give up attempting to eat my brains and returned to the creepy forest. I have no idea what zombies have to do with Wonderland, or if maybe it was just a Halloween thing, but it was pretty awesome regardless. I was super pumped to talk about my experience at the book club discussion whilst wearing my wicked leg warmers, but alas, it was not to be. We had a blackout and I was unable to get online! I suppose that is all part of being in an online book discussion. Technical difficulties seems to becoming a theme with me though. Oh well. Tonight is the Lord of the Rings discussion. I was tempted to dress as a hobbit, but I really want to show off my leg warmers, so I am staying in my Cheshire cat persona.