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Final Book Club Meetings

We have completed our series of discussions on Other Worlds books. Our last two meetings were on Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia. Both meetings were fun, with lots of amusing comments and tangents. We discussed characters, movie comparisons, and each of us chose which Middle Earth creature we would like to be (Sauron or an Elf for me).

In our final meeting, despite a poor turnout, we had a interesting discussion on all of the books and which were our favourites (Harry Potter and Alice were the most popular with Narnia being surprisingly unpopular among everyone).

Even though not everyone had read every book, (I don’t think anyone had read all of the Narnia books), everyone always commented and engaged in the discussion. I wonder if this is because of the format of the club. It was obviously very informal and fun, and no one actually had to speak in front of a group, it was all online and sort of anonomyous. I for one normally hate speaking in groups, but had absolutely no problem contributing to any of our discussions (except the one in which I was unable to get online for, obviously).

In preparation for our last meeting, I decided to check out what worlds or simulations were available on Second Life for each book series. Here is a list of the ones I checked out:

1) Harry Potter

Diagon Alley – lots of shopping, Gringotts bank. It was cool but deserted when I went. Still, check it out if you want to buy a wand or a witch’s hat.

Hogwarts -Your story: this is a pretty cool sim, you actually have to find the secret wall to enter Diagon Alley where there is shopping (of course).

2) Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass

Black Pearl Beach – described in an earlier post. Beware of Zombies.

3) Lord of the Rings

Elven clothes, Lord of the Rings – for all you Elven clothing and leather thong needs.

Need Elven or antique furniture? Here is the place for you!

Middle Earth Realms – pretty cool, with creepy house and underground tunnels that I got seriously lost in. It is a huge island with little houses, a forest, shopping and tons of other stuff to explore.



















4) Chronicles of Narnia

There weren’t many places that I could find, just this one which isn’t all that exciting.

Aslan’s How – a creepy house with an equally creepy picture of Aslan the lion


There are tons of SIMS in SL for your favourite book. Some are really detailed and awesome and ALL involve shopping. You can go down the rabbit hole, search for hobbits in Middle Earth, ride a teacup, be chased by Zombies, see a scary portrait of Aslan, whatever you little Avatar – heart desires!


Alice in…Zombieland?

Last week, my group hosted an Alice in Wonderland book discussion. In preparation, I decided to explore Second Life and see if anyone had made a version of Wonderland. It turns out there are several. The best one that I came across is located here:

There are carnival rides, weird Wonderland-ish decorations such as giant teacups and mushrooms, shopping (I bought some awesome Cheshire cat leg warmers, pictured below.

Alice in Wonderland - Dark Ride

Here is Wonderland on SL (and me in my Harry Potter/Cheshire cat costume- so stylish)

This Wonderland was awesome. I highly recommend that you check it out. I spent far too long exploring and was delighted by all of the little surprises that this place holds. The giant chessboard, the cool ride through a haunted mansion

oh yeah, and the Zombie army hidden in the haunted, extremely spooky forest. Who knew there were zombies in Wonderland? There I was, innocently exploring the gloomy forest when BAM out of nowhere several zombies began to chase me. I was quickly surrounded by creepy doll-like creatures covered in blood splotches. The creepy things chased me out towards a haunted house, which I of course explored. Pictured above is the ride through the house that I took.

When I tried to leave the forest, the zombies returned and chased me out of the forest. For awhile I was worried that they would keep following me, but eventually they seemed to give up attempting to eat my brains and returned to the creepy forest. I have no idea what zombies have to do with Wonderland, or if maybe it was just a Halloween thing, but it was pretty awesome regardless. I was super pumped to talk about my experience at the book club discussion whilst wearing my wicked leg warmers, but alas, it was not to be. We had a blackout and I was unable to get online! I suppose that is all part of being in an online book discussion. Technical difficulties seems to becoming a theme with me though. Oh well. Tonight is the Lord of the Rings discussion. I was tempted to dress as a hobbit, but I really want to show off my leg warmers, so I am staying in my Cheshire cat persona.

Other Worlds Book Club

Yes, finally I have a volunteer position. Sort of. I along with Peaches Banana and clavoie3 are running a book club series on Second Life. I should have blogged about this weeks go, but alas RL has occupied most of my time.

Anyways, our little group met to decide what books we would discuss. Here is a photo of our rather unorthodox meeting.

clavoie3 and I competed for a spot at the table. I won.

Eventually, we got around to discussing book topics. Harry Potter was quickly mentioned and we had the brilliant idea to discuss each of the seven books, one a week. Unfortunately, time does not permit this, as our course ends. So, we decided to discuss  bunch of books that are set in “other worlds.”  Obviously, we chose the theme of “other worlds” because our class is taking place in another world. We finally narrowed the numerous options down to four series, which are all popular book series’ and personal favourites. Here is the final list:

Book Club dates
Tues. Oct. 25 16:00-17:00 SLT Harry Potter
Tues. Nov. 1 16:00-17:00 SLT Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Tues. Nov. 8 16:00-17:00 SLT Lord of the Rings
Tues. Nov. 15 16:00-17:00 SLT Narnia
We will be discussing these series’ at Way with Words
Every Tuesday beginning Oct 25 until Nov 15, we will discuss these books. Hopefully, some people show up. We had a bit of trouble figuring out how to advertise, what with waiting for responses from the people in charge of volunteering activities and computer glitches on our part, so it will be interesting to see how many people show up tomorrow.  The books we chose are very popular, so we hoped that the titles would spark peoples interest to come out and discuss these unique worlds.
Tomorrow is the first book club! I am nervous and excited! Hopefully it all goes well.

Stampede! Oh wait…

I recently learned that it is extremely difficult to die in Second Life. I decided to test this theory and headed to Africa where I encountered two rhinos. I wondered if they would stampede, or ram me or something, so I walked right up to them…and right through them. Apparently, they did not notice as they remained motionless. Disheartened by this lack of response, I moved on and discovered an alligator-(or crocodile, I don’t know) filled lake. I walked into the the middle of the lack and waited. Surely a curious alligator (croc?) would come to bite me. After several uneventful minutes I realized that my avatar has super powers. In addition to flying (which my avatar is currently unable to do due to her recent fall off the Great Wall of China), Second Life citizens can breathe underwater, be invisible to dangerous animals and are seemingly invincible! Evidently, it is much better to exist in Second Life than in first. This discovery led me to wonder if crime is possible in Second Life, and more specifically, murder.  Through my “research” on YouTube, I discovered that violence is possible. Avatars had guns, and could fight with each other. I even saw a couple of videos of avatars being blown up. This led me to wonder what implications in-world crimes may have on real people. I came across an interesting article on rape in virtual worlds. Apparently, a story was circulating about Brussels police  investigating a rape in Second Life.  Here’s a couple of links to articles and blogs dealing with this topic:


Reader Roundtable

These topics lead to many questions about virtual worlds. How are they policed? Is virtual crime a real crime? Should Second Life criminals be punished in real life? Do virtual worlds have a lot of bullying like on Facebook?

Crime in Second Life is an interesting topic of discussion and I will definitely need to further research and explore this topic during this course.


Falling off the Great Wall

After our first in-world class meeting, a classmate and I decided to explore the world. We decided our first trip would be to the Great Wall of China. We teleported there and were surprised to find that apparently, the Great Wall in Second Life is not as big an attraction as that in the real world. We appeared to be the only avatars on the wall. We decided to try and find the Starbucks that is supposedly at the real wall, so we walked along the wall FOREVER, but had no luck in finding the cafe. I did however, discover that it is possible to fall of the Great Wall of China. Evidently, I need to practice moving my avatar more as she walked right through a wall and plummeted onto a mountain. I attempted to fly myself back up, but discovered that my avatar was unable to fly. Perhaps she was injured in the fall and has lost her ability? I managed to walk up the side of the wall eventually, but discovered I had lost my companion. Luckily, we discovered that she could invite me to teleport to her location, which was great as I was hopelessly lost. By this point we both gave up our search for the elusive Starbucks and decided to go our separate ways.

For some reason I expected Second Life to be very detailed and realistic. However, it felt like a computer game. The background at the Great Wall was…odd. A purple sky, an ocean and brownish mountains surrounded the wall. I have no idea what really surrounds the Wall, except for big hills, but it seemed somehow wrong and I was initially disappointed. However, that being said, I checked out images of the Wall itself and was surprised to find that Second Life’s version was actually pretty good. There are twists and turns, stairs, dips and guard houses on both walls. So, overall I suppose that Second Life’s wall was a pretty awesome virtual replica.

I think that Second Life offers wonderful opportunities to explore fantasy worlds as well as places in the real world that one may never get to see. It was pretty cool seeing the Great Wall, but I wouldn’t cross that off my real life bucket list yet.