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Falling off the Great Wall

After our first in-world class meeting, a classmate and I decided to explore the world. We decided our first trip would be to the Great Wall of China. We teleported there and were surprised to find that apparently, the Great Wall in Second Life is not as big an attraction as that in the real world. We appeared to be the only avatars on the wall. We decided to try and find the Starbucks that is supposedly at the real wall, so we walked along the wall FOREVER, but had no luck in finding the cafe. I did however, discover that it is possible to fall of the Great Wall of China. Evidently, I need to practice moving my avatar more as she walked right through a wall and plummeted onto a mountain. I attempted to fly myself back up, but discovered that my avatar was unable to fly. Perhaps she was injured in the fall and has lost her ability? I managed to walk up the side of the wall eventually, but discovered I had lost my companion. Luckily, we discovered that she could invite me to teleport to her location, which was great as I was hopelessly lost. By this point we both gave up our search for the elusive Starbucks and decided to go our separate ways.

For some reason I expected Second Life to be very detailed and realistic. However, it felt like a computer game. The background at the Great Wall was…odd. A purple sky, an ocean and brownish mountains surrounded the wall. I have no idea what really surrounds the Wall, except for big hills, but it seemed somehow wrong and I was initially disappointed. However, that being said, I checked out images of the Wall itself and was surprised to find that Second Life’s version was actually pretty good. There are twists and turns, stairs, dips and guard houses on both walls. So, overall I suppose that Second Life’s wall was a pretty awesome virtual replica.

I think that Second Life offers wonderful opportunities to explore fantasy worlds as well as places in the real world that one may never get to see. It was pretty cool seeing the Great Wall, but I wouldn’t cross that off my real life bucket list yet.